Helping you find your options is a passion!

Helping you find your options when you've been fired is my passion!  

I started my law firm in 2006 after Corporate America's Musical Chairs game ended for me too. It was the best thing that ever happened to me!  I like being able to help effect positive life changes.  And I'm proof that you can create a specific and rewarding career when you focus on what you want to do with the blank slate in front of you.

Although it seems scary right now for you, this fork in the road is an opportunity for you to create your next opportunity.  The legal part of it is taking care of Old Business.  It's just Closure. Getting you to believe in the potential of your future, that's where the Magic Is!   Picture your future as a blank canvas.  If you could paint your future to be anything, what would it be?  

Deal with the potential litigation you have with perspective.  It isn't your whole future.  Litigation is a step to get back your power and your dignity.  One day you may look back at this time as where your next opportunity began!

Have you ever practiced meditation and mindfulness?  Look into that if you haven't.  It stops that ever-jabbering committee in your head so you can feel into your present and make room for your future options to appear.  Just breathe.  Longer breaths out than in slow everything down and decrease the worry.  3 of those in a row is a good start!  

Pay attention to what qualities you want to have in your life.  Make lists of those and display them where you see them every day.  Enjoy your Chapter Two!