Expand your potential - Learn the exciting stuff of Neuroscience (for ordinary people!)

I am no science whiz.  Chemistry class nearly killed me in high school.  However, I will tell you I am fascinated and intrigued by all the exciting new knowledge about neuroscience and how our brain, our body and our evolution interact.  Lots of wise people are sharing the information in understandable presentations.

After losing your job, your fear center of the brain is probably on overload. That makes it hard, if not impossible, for you to think productively with the executive function of the brain to plan for the positive things ahead.  All energy is being reserved for the fight/flight response.   You will need to get to a place of calmness in order to plan well.  Fight/flight was important when tigers and bears were chasing us. However, the over-amplification of fear that may be shooting off inside you now is probably counter-productive.  Learn how to get it in check.

I really enjoyed the recent Neuroscience Conference offered by Sounds True over the last ten days.  It's interesting stuff.  While the info is useful in understanding jury behavior, I think the information is so important for everyone to know.  Understanding your brain and how its wiring has evolved can provide invaluable tools to change your physiology, control anxiety, and improve communication and relationships.

Right now you need to get involved in saving yourself.  Get your brain and your heart geared up for what you want to do next.  I personally think understanding the neuroscience stuff makes taking back your power accessible.