New: "Tina and her team did a fantastic job for me and I am so thankful. The Law Offices of Tina Locklear was one of several law firms I contacted, but Tina was the first (and only) lawyer who immediately contacted me back and encouraged me to stand up for myself and fight for my rights. I was able to get a very satisfactory settlement and I would encourage anyone who is feeling they have been wronged by their employer to contact the Law Offices of Tina Locklear to discuss your situation." -ML

New: “Tina and team, thank you so much for taking the time to listen in detail to my concern about wrongful termination, submit a legal document to my former employer, and successfully negotiate on my behalf with a large, publicly-traded technology company.  Your efforts resulted in a significant settlement that provided relief to my family.  Your transparency, professionalism, and dedication to obtain the very best on my behalf was truly a Godsend.  THANK YOU for walking side by side with me and defending my interests through this challenging journey.” -MW

New: “Tina Locklear and her team provided me and my family not only with excellent representation and advocacy, but they also shared their compassion, respect and patience. Mine was a challenging case, which had been rejected by other firms for its risk level and high bar of burden of proof. Ms. Locklear and her team negotiated a successful settlement which has allowed me to begin a new life. The Locklear team, few in number but fierce, essentially accepted the immense task of exacting justice from a global behemoth of a company. Tina Locklear and her team are gracious, knowledgeable warriors and enabled me to stand up for myself against a Goliath. The Locklear team provided me the resources and courage to forge ahead and should serve as a model to other attorneys of authentic legal professionalism and integrity.” -JD

New: “I have had the good fortune to be represented by the Locklear Group. They are the most professional and diligent attorneys to represent your case. Personalized care, empathy and attention to detail, great knowledge of the law and the legal system make them a very effective team to represent you. The team at large and back office support is fantastic. Their process is efficient and very friendly. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with employment matters.” - HK

“Tina, Scott, Kat and the rest of the staff are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I cannot say enough positive things about their firm. Tina has worked on our extremely complicated case for over 4 years and there has never been a moment when we felt she was going to give up on us. But as complicated as it got, Tina and her staff were able to diligently cross every hurdle tossed at them. In the end, result was victory! I must say that this firm sympathizes with their clients and their problems. They truly care and take the time to make sure that their clients fully understand what is going on at all times. I would highly recommend using Tina's firm for any of your needs. You will for sure be in safe hands!!!!” -LG


"After doing online searches of Orange County attorneys who focus on this area of contractor law and reading about them, I interviewed three regarding our construction problem. It was very clear that Tina was by far the most knowledgeable. Tina explained to us how strong our case was and why, explained all our options, and at our request settled the case so we could quickly put this behind us and move on. We had an extremely difficult defendant, yet she managed to negotiate a settlement that we are happy with, which we hadn't thought anyone could do. She and her staff are also all very nice and were quick to return our emails and calls. We highly recommend her." -AI

"Tina and Scott are a great team. They are wonderful people and terrific attorneys/negotiators. They handled my case in an extremely competent and professional manner. Their efforts to reach a fair settlement have had a positive effect on my health. I can finally stop dwelling on this matter now that is has been resolved. Thank you again for your services!" D. Craig

"I have been an attorney for almost 20 years, and, recently, I learned what it felt like to be the client. I was sued civilly and went through all the steps I know my clients have to go to: I sought out a referral from friends; I called the attorney and told her my issues; and, painfully, I paid her retainer. Tina Locklear was a referral from a friend of mine, and I am thankful for my friend's good advice. Ms. Locklear was patient, clear and empathetic. Her retainer was reasonable, and she worked with me to get me the best result in the most affordable manner. She understood how very resentful I was to have to defend myself in this frivolous suit, and helped me to get out of it quickly. She acknowledged that as an attorney I could represent myself, but she counseled against that as it would be emotionally difficult. I appreciated her advice. Ultimately, I was dismissed from the case thanks to their good work." - M McCroskey

"I wanted to provide some feedback regarding my recent experience with your firm (working with Scott Reece). Even before we worked with Scott. I got a call from Tina herself. Tina was extremely competent and understood our situation right away. She told us exactly what we needed to do and put us in touch with Scott. Tina introduced us to Scott and passed on her recommendation (rather than send us back to the figurative switchboard). Scott was very professional and treated my wife and me with the utmost respect. Scott was very patient in explaining the legal terms and outlining our options. He was tireless in making sure we understood the process, even when we asked him the same questions multiple times. Scott was very organized and professional. The overall experience was excellent. Scott, thanks for your help. You made this a great experience (if that word could be used in a legal case). You helped us make the best out of this situation. I wish I never need legal help again, but if I do, I will reach out to Locklear for sure." - H H

"Living in California requires you to have a lawyer by your side, and most importantly, to have an honest lawyer to protect you from lawyers who are only interested in your money and not in your welfare. I speak out of experience. I've been around the corporate world and owned my own businesses. I never trusted lawyers (as some I've hired caused more damage than the person who is suing me) ....until I met Tina Locklear. Let me say I have been with Tina and her staff more than once to court. I have experienced first hand the professionalism and most importantly their honesty in dealing with my cases --- whether they defended me or fought for my case. I have always been treated with sincerity, respect, and most important ---frank honesty . I have recommended the law firm to many of my friends that called me back and thanked me for the great job the firm did in handling their cases. It is very hard these days to find a attorney that feels with you, feels for you and most important is honest in giving you advice. Tina Locklear, as my wife and I call her, is our "Guardian Angel". If it was not for you Tina our life would have been a disaster thank you again Tina for everything you have done. - God bless you everyday, Khalil Milan"

Tina and Scott were wonderful to work with. This was my first time working with a lawyer so I appreciated the time they took to explain each step in the legal process and the consistent updates that I received on my situation. I would recommend Tina to any one in the area needing legal advice.” - KP

"I am a regular client of the Law Firm of Tina Locklear. I like using this law firm because · I receive regular and timely communication · I get excellent feedback as to the progress of my case · I get realistic legal advice · This law firm is knowledgeable and powerful and I feel confident when they are working for me. I like to keep my hands off and let the professionals do their job. For this reason, I need a law firm that I can trust. The Law firm of Tina Locklear serves me well and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services." - R Pallo

"This is my first experience working with an attorney for any reason. When I finally needed one I was extremely lucky to find Tina and her law group. Tina has guided me every step of the way through a difficult time, Things are always explained in terms I can understand and with a smile. I am treated more like a friend than a client. She is always there when when I need her the most. I truly don't know what I would do without Tina." - R.D.

"Tina and her associate Scott have been taking care of my case for the past few months. They're attention to detail and professionalism has guided me through a really tough time. Tina took me under the shelter of her law firm and made sure that I was treated like family. With my daughter far away from me, she made me feel like I was not alone and assured me of our progress in a timely manner. I am not too familiar with the law, but Tina and Scott made sure to take the time I needed to explain everything thoroughly and shed light on some matters that were daunting in the beginning. Without Tina and the efforts of her law firm, I wouldn't have the peace of mind I have today. For that, I thank her and Scott from the bottom of my heart." - FK

"I had five different law offices consult me before we met Tina and none listened, explained, or had an immediate approach to my family’s problems as Tina did on the first consultation. Some matters we were not aware of until Tina pointed them out. These were critical items that were outside our case and had a time deadline for response. Yet, Tina listened, caught the items in time and immediately addressed them to perfection as Tina and her staff has the whole case. We cannot thank Tina enough for her dedication and considerate efforts to accommodate us throughout the ordeal. Tina’s knowledge of the law got us a favorable judgment while making the defense’s efforts look inept in the court. We were very satisfied with the results and still remember it today. Tina Locklear’s law office brought a miserable five years to an end as they set out to do." - Thank You.- P&C

"We cannot say enough great things about Tina. She is a top notch professional. She is smart and willing to go the extra mile to make sure her clients needs are met. You can contact her by e-mail or phone, and she always responds promptly. She has been able to put our situations to rest with little disruption to our lives. Tina has been a true blessing to our family. We will only recommend her to our family and friends." - Kevin & Tracy Ross

“We had a great day today!!!! We have been in such a good mood since we got home after court. My son’s friend was over earlier tonight and I kept hearing them laugh. That made me so happy. We are glad it is over with. It means so much to me as a mother, that YOU were there advocating for him. Thank YOU and your colleagues for all of your hard work. You are a Great Person and Attorney! God Bless You.... ” - T. B.

"Everybody writes correctly about Tina's professionalism, keen legal insight and extraordinary problem-solving abilities. I'd like to add that she is highly ethical, unusually good-natured and a very lovable soul. My favorite feature is her acerbic, creative and moderately diabolical sense of humor. I'm pushing 40 years in business; Tina is one of the most effective people I've met." - Barry Bates

"The most "honest lawyer" I have ever retained. Very sincere with her clients. When you visit with her about a case, you feel like you are talking to family. Tina does not use you for money, or exploit you to get more money from you. She is even funny, when you are in a session with her. Tina really wants to help people in LIFE. She is very compassionate. You are talking to someone who really cares about you. Basically she just takes care of business." - David T.

"Tina is the consummate professional, possesses a savvy legal mind and displays utmost integrity in all of her work. I have known and worked with Tina on various legal issues for nearly 15 years. She is a first contact to me on difficult or complex legal or business matters." - Jennifer Wierks

"Seldom is the case where seeking legal advice is due to a joyful or happy occasion. Upon our first visit, I was most impressed with how you truly listened to me, which in turn put my mind at ease. It was your personal attention and care given that left a lasting impression when I requested your services the first time. It was your experience and successfully settled case that is now bringing me back for your assistance once again. It is with sincerest of gratitude that I'd like to convey my appreciation for your assistance with my case. I had been struggling with Lowe's for over a year and a half in an attempt to correct an issue with an install that they had performed in my home. I am very pleased with the California Bar Association's referral to your law office. Your office knew exactly who to contact within the Lowe's organization and were able to bring resolution to my case within a few short weeks. Heart-Felt Thanks!" - Dr. Eric L. Morris

"Not only does Tina Locklear have legal expertise and experience, she really relates to her clients. Tina cares about the client's feelings and guides the client through the legal process in a confident manner. The client never feels like a number. Further, Tina ensures integrity throughout the process." - Amber Hedstrom, Esq.

"Tina listened to my objectives and was able to provide a productive solution with minimal expense and time." - Gary Cohen

"I am pleased to say that Locklear Law is the very best firm I have ever done business with. Each member of their team is experienced and very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, and I have always been treated with respect, promptness, attentiveness and consideration. Locklear Law has earned my complete trust and my highest recommendation." - - A.S.E

"I have known Tina for almost 10 years now. She is professional, smart, diligent, honest, hard-working and has a great laugh and sense of humor to top it off. We have worked together on an acquisition, legal matters between our different company departments and we sat on a Board of Directors together at REIPA. I would entrust her with any legal or business matters." - Kelly Pantis

"Tina is a rarity among lawyers in that she has a heart of gold. Her expertise and compassion combined with her extensive knowledge of trusts, wills and forensic accounting are the reason we were able to retain our property and rights in our trust." - Pam

"On behalf of Colonel and myself we wish to thank you for all the assistance you gave us on our case. You turned what was a scary process for us into a manageable experience. You and your staff held our hands and kept us informed every step of the way and when you won our case I could not believe my ears! You are one of the few people who truly believes in what she is doing. Thank you so very much!" - Mr. and Mrs. Colonel E. Miller

"I just can't express in words how much Tina has done for me. She is just absolutely terrific. She helped me on a Trust matter that was totally neglected by my former attorney whom I'd paid $12,000 to! Tina saved the day on that one. She prepared a proper accounting of the estate. She dealt with the other lawyer and I only ended up paying them $1,000. It was her hard work, diligence and reasonableness that allowed for such a low payment to be agreed upon. Had it not been for her, it could possibly have been in excess of $20,000 when all was said and done. I tell everyone now if you need a good, honest lawyer, I have one for you and her name is TINA LOCKLEAR. She will always be handling any and all of my affairs for the rest of my life." - I. Hogue

"The attorneys that assisted with my case were diligent, knowledgeable and friendly. I felt they took a personal interest in resolving my case with minimal disruption to my life and in the most favorable way for my family." - Alyssa

"She's a keeper and will be my lawyer for life! It started with a litigation matter (which we won), but I came back for several completely different legal matters since then, all which have been handled with care and compassion, and had an excellent outcome." - R.B.

"I am a paralegal and have worked with several different attorneys over time. I worked with Tina over the course of a year and saw first hand what kind of person she is. She is ethical, moral, takes pride in her works and genuinely cares about her clients. She cares about every case and makes sure to give all her clients the attention they deserve. I would recommend my own friends and family to her and would use her myself if needed. Tina is a pleasure to work for and with." - Jennifer Tollast

"Our business was sued twice. With a methodical approach, she got the cases dismissed on all counts. She kept us informed of the short term plans to obtain the long term goals. It worked! Thank you Locklear Law!" - G.M.

"I had the good fortune of working with Tina at First American. Tina is a critical thinker with impeccable integrity and deep expertise in the field of law. She can be relied on to find creative approaches to problems and will always go the extra mile to help her clients." - Teresa Grove

"She's honest and really cares about her clients, but can be a junk yard dog when it comes to the fight! She's good to have on your side. And she won't drive you to the poorhouse while trying to get it done!" - B.G.

“I had the pleasure of working with Tina for several years. Because of my role, she did quite a bit of work for our department. I always found Tina to be responsive, intelligent and with the highest degree of integrity." - D. Petruzzelli