Wisdom. Strategy. Justice.

Three words that serve as the foundation of the Law Offices of Tina Locklear - the wisdom to reason, the intelligence to strategize, and most importantly, the pursuit of justice. Here, you will find attorneys experienced in the multi-faceted justice system with training in both transactional law and litigation.

Unlike the impersonal world we live in, you are not just a number to us. Our personal attention, dedication, and expertise will help you obtain the justice you deserve. We work hard, enjoy what we do, and win cases.

Welcome to the Law Offices of Tina Locklear.

Our Approach

The Firm's approach with clients is to keep them informed of what's going on with their matter and what options are available --- every step of the way. No client ever feels they were left in the dark or not promptly responded to.

We will keep you informed
every step of the way!

Personal. Accessible. Friendly.

Personal, accessible, and friendly are not often heard when describing a law firm. And that is precisely why we founded Locklear Law. We invite you to take a moment and learn more about the people who not only are winners inside the courtroom, but outside of it too.


Locklear Law is a trial and litigation firm primarily focused on serving small businesses and consumers. Clients appreciate the firm's broad experience in business law and consumer protection litigation. This experience, combined with a down-to-earth personal touch and true concern for the client's well being, is a recipe for success with your legal matter.