Our Approach

The Firm's approach with clients is to treat them with care and respect, educate them on their options every step of the way, and find solutions that provide a holistic approach to their entire well-being.  This means weighing the value of various outcomes to find one that best delivers an efficient solution to the client. No client ever feels they were left in the dark or not promptly responded to.


Litigation is a balancing of interests.

Litigation is a balancing of interests. Some clients have the energy for it, while others don't.  There is no One Size Fits All for our clients.  We will help you weigh your priorities.  

  • Is a Fast Conclusion most important?
  • Is getting the Maximum Value most important by preparing to go to trial?
  • Is Early Mediation well suited to your case?


We strive to be your attorneys for life

The Team is committed to ensuring clients are better off for having come to us for help.  Often one hears how an attorney made a bad situation even worse.   We strive to be your attorneys for life and the only way to do that is to do our best by you.  We are a referral based business with the bulk of referrals coming from prior clients.  It's simple -  Our success is based on your success.  


We keep you informed every step of the way!

As your case develops, informed choices must be made.  You play a key part in your choosing.

  • Time, energy and expense are some considerations.  
  • Risk/reward must be evaluated for particular motions and pursuit of informaton.
  • Is the case law well established for the path we are considering or is it open and undetermined based on your key facts?

We talk through your options with you so you understand what is at stake with your priorities.

“We treat people the way we would want to be treated -
with care, compassion and a vigilence in resolving legal issues efficiently.”

Pro bono & Charitable activities

  • Pursued civil litigation for malicious prosecution and defamation that ruined family's business.
  • Prevented unauthorized debt collection and partner's raiding and embezzlement of a 501(c) corporation in Orange County.
  • Participated in drafting of state bills on animal issues (Read Article)
  • Represented indigent man falsely accused in auto loan scam.
  • Launched human interest campaign on behalf of homeless person to prevent local government entity from removing artistic garden developed next to riverbed (Read Article)
  • Established Orange County 501(c) nonprofit corporation in setup.
  • President of Orange County People for Animals, a local nonprofit.